How Russel Wright’s Manitoga blended the man-made with nature | Financial Times


One evening in June, architects and designers converged at New York’s One World Trade Center to celebrate a new book about skyscrapers. Russel Wright, the mid-20th-century designer known for his brightly coloured table settings, might have seemed a quaint topic of conversation compared with the grand surroundings, on the 64th floor of the tallest building in the western hemisphere. But one artist in attendance, Stephen Talasnik, had recently completed a sculpture installation in the grounds of Manitoga, Wright’s country home in Garrison, New York. And an architect at the party, Celia Imrey, recently joined the historic landmark’s board of directors, bringing her expertise in exhibit design from projects including the Louvre’s Lens satellite in France. Manitoga is a small property with increasing support from the international design community.

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